Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial

Within Arlington Cemetery, at the top of a very large hill, exists the Arlington House and Robert E. Lee Memorial.  If you are looking to visit this site, you need to arrive before August of 2017, as the house section is about to close indefinitely!  The house has a few rooms to look at, a small museum for Robert E. Lee and his family, a gift shop, and a small garden.

To get here, get off of the Blue line at Arlington Cemetery, and keep walking toward the large stone staircases and walls you can see directly in front of you.  Make a right, follow the sidewalk to the top of the hill.  You will go up a few hundred steps, about .3 miles, and the Memorial is at the top of the hill.  It is not the easiest thing to find, and we did not see any markers to point you in the correct direction.

Pro-Tip:  As of last fall, Arlington Cemetery stopped being dog-friendly.  You’ll have to leave your favorite companion at home for this one!

I did not take any pictures of this site, but it’s similar to going through a house in Colonial Williamsburg.  It was two floors, and we saw about 7 rooms.  The house stays cool so it’s great on a hot day.  The museum is a small 5-10 minute excursion as well, focusing on the history of the family.  The Lee family fell behind on taxes, and the government took their property, now home to the cemetery.  The site has some great historical information and was worth the trek up many steps.

Around 5:00 PM, all flags are taken down in the park.  We watched this ceremony, which was a nice touch.  The view is also great from the House, and you look out over D.C.

You can also see L’Enfant’s tomb

Thanks for reading my blog!  I’m enjoying my National Parks adventure in the DMV area so far, and I am looking forward to continuing writing more.  You can subscribe for more information or ask comments in the questions below!


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